Understanding Your Pygophilia Fetish

October 6, 2021

While some would agree with a negative opinion about any fetish, others would think of it as a brave method of exploring and enjoying their passions. With the right person by their side, there is nothing they should be afraid or ashamed of — especially not ass fetishes!

Characteristics of a Good Butt According to Men


While it may seem that anal sex has slowly entered the doors of normality, a pygophilia fetish may sound a bit scary. If the combination of these two words sounds strange to you, it probably sounds scary to you as well.


A person who has a pygophilia fetish is a person who is sexually aroused by another person’s buttocks. Pygophiles enjoy kissing, licking, or caressing a nicely shaped butt. It isn’t gender-specific, and it doesn’t require further defining.


People often solely enjoy looking at a beautiful, round behind. Surely, some would go one step further into anal sex, but the main turn-on of pygophiles is the outside — the curves.

How Is Pygophilia Different From Anal Sex?


Sex is all about having fun, feeling good, and taking care of your partner and yourself. If anal sex feels weird to you, then don’t do it. If you have pygophilia, remember that there are plenty of different things you can do with your partner apart from anal sex.


You can spank, slap, or tickle your partner’s behind. Maybe you enjoy looking at it the most. If that’s the case, buy some sexy underwear for your special one to wear for you. A butt massage would be great after a long day at work too! After caressing the area of your interest, try something different. Ask for a footjob if feet tickle your imagination. That can spice things up in no time.


Be honest about your fetishes, as this can lead to both of you finding new fun activities to try and enjoy. There’s nothing you should be ashamed of. Keep in mind that, as a pygophile, you do not necessarily need to like anal sex. Stay within your comfort zone as much as you need. Investigate further as much as you can.

Does It Mean Men Are Into Anal Sex?


Discussing anal sex and men’s fetishes has always been a taboo topic. But, why? Aren’t men allowed to do whatever it is that turns them on behind closed doors? Aren’t they allowed to have a chance to relax after they spent the entire day working?


Of course, they are. Pygophilia is a common fetish among men. However, like mentioned previously in the text, it doesn’t mean that pygophiles are necessarily anal sex lovers. Some of them don’t enjoy it.


Even if they enjoy looking at buttocks, licking, kissing, or caressing them, butt sex may be a serious turn-off. If they look at the anus as the terminus of the human digestive process, that’s their main reason. It can also be painful for their partner, and they might not be into that.

Women’s Thoughts Matter


Men’s attraction to women with bigger, rounder butt is a common thing. It’s in their genes. Nice-looking women’s butts have been considered a health, vitality, and fertility feature through the centuries.


There’s another thing about the topic that comes straight from science. Let us share a theory about this with you here. Women with bigger butts aren’t only smarter, but they give birth to smarter children as well.


The fat stored in women’s butts called gluteofemoral fat has something called polyunsaturated fatty acids. These acids are important for babies’ brain development!


Do women feel comfortable about men having pygophilia, anyway? Thoughts are different, as they are about everything. While it may seem scary if they notice, we doubt many women care about strangers checking their butt secretly.


So, unless you are a partner, don’t go there. Also, you must be sure that your girl is ok with that. Keep your fetish away from her if you haven’t had that conversation yet. Don’t point anything out. Appreciate it from your safe zone.

Expanding Women’s Comfort Zones


Women who don’t feel comfortable being publicly roped into everyone’s fantasy (sexual or not) should protect themselves from it. Yes, women should be proud of their behind, especially if it grabs attention.


However, a stranger staring at your butt can be uncomfortable for many reasons. First of all, you might start thinking there’s something there you’re not able to see. Also, you may not like the idea of being involved in a stranger’s fantasy.


To protect yourself from this, don’t wear clothes that are too provocative in public. If you consider it unwanted attention, don’t wear clothes that are too tight.


Be direct. Ask people to please stop giving you the chills by looking at your butt with no shame. If it makes you angry and uncomfortable, be precise about that.


Don’t stay in your comfort zone being polite. Those people who stare at you without thinking about how you feel are not. Respect your body.


Do you enjoy men staring at your behind? That’s ok. Do you find that it is past your comfort zone? Say it out loud. You make your own rules.

Keeping It in a Safe Zone


All fetishes differ from one person to another. Don’t worry about making friends with a stranger or even falling in love with a stranger. Life happens.


If you had previously had a relationship with a person who doesn’t share the same interests in bed, that doesn’t mean your next partner would be the same. Give yourself a chance to explore the options.


Once you get to the point of discussing sex, ask questions about what might worry you. Tell him about your turn-ons and your turn-offs. From there, you’ll be able to see whether you’ll be writing the close destiny lines together or not.


Step outside of your comfort zone if the person you’re dating thinks the same as you do. Refuse to worry over everything. Relationships, with fetishes or not, should be fun!