How to Stimulate Your Partner in Anal Sex

May 3, 2019

Like anything about sex, doing or not anal sex is a personal option. It’s painful, dirty; perverse that’s what you decide for yourself if you have the curiosity or pleasure to try it. And if you have reached this point, four things you need to keep in mind to avoid the risk of having an unpleasant experience:

Anal stimulation

The anal muscles automatically contract when something penetrates the anus, be it a penis, a dildo or a simple finger. Reacting as if struggling with an invasion, then relaxing, the next move shrinks again, but not as intensely, then relaxes, and so on. If your boyfriend is quick to penetrate you’re anal without having stimulated the area before, do not be afraid that it will hurt you. The muscles of the anus should be well “warmed” to relax so that penetration is not forced. So if your lover wishes to penetrate you, he must work for it! Cosmopolitan also shared tips on anal sex for beginners.

Maximum lubrication

The anus is filled with nerve endings pleasurable, but unlike the vagina, it does not naturally lubricate. That is why it is required to use lubricant to facilitate penetration. And no, saliva is not a solution! It can add up to lubrication, it may seem like porn, and it can make your pleasure, but the lubricant is holy when it comes to anal sex!


Most sexually transmitted diseases are also transmitted by anal sex, and unprotected anal sex is at the highest risk of transmitting HIV, so use condoms! Not only protects against BTS, but the anus is full of bacteria that come from the intestines, harmless to this area, but dangerous if they reach the penis or the vagina. It’s very easy for the penis to touch the vagina after the anal contact and infect it.

The right position

There are different types of anal vibrators and some particular sex positions which make anal penetration better, so they are recommended for first attempts at anal sex:

Doggy style:

It’s the classical anal-sex position recommended for beginners and those who have had painful previous experiences because it provides easy access to the anal area without any of you acrobatics. You lean on your knees and your hands; your lover stands at your knees behind you and holds you with your hips. Both have access to your clitoris and your breasts, so you can enhance your pleasure very easily. If you want to be the one that controls the rhythm and the angle of penetration, hold your knees apart and your butt on your heel, while your lover stays behind you in the same position so that his penis is under your ass. He does not move, you are the one who lets the penis as deep and slow as he wants.

On the Stomach

It’s one of the perfect positions for the first anal because it’s super relaxing for you: stay stretched on your stomach, while your lover is doing his job in the back. You do not have to support yourself, focus on keeping your balance; you do not even have to move too much. Bonus: You have free hands to stimulate your clitoral and enhance your sense of pleasure. It is indicated to put a pillow under your stomach, so your back is slightly raised and your partner can easily penetrate you.


Another perfect position for first anal sex because it allows you to control the rhythm and depth of penetration. Your loved one is lying on your back; you’re rolling it around and moving around at your best. You can stimulate the clitoral, and it can play with your breasts. You can not feel pleasure from one side or the other!


It not only facilitates anal penetration but is also an intimate, perfect place for lovers. You both relax and have your hands free to explore your bodies. You can lift your leg up and hold it with your knee so that your lover can see the action better, or you can make penetration even easier if you crawl a little. And if you’ve got this position, why not try the triple orgasm? The anal one deals with your lover, the vaginal you can deal with a dildo or vibrator, and your lover can stimulate your clitoral. You will not make the first of all possible orgasms, but it’s something worth working for, is not it?

If you are already wounding, or if they are broken, if you are left without batteries or if it seems difficult to keep order between the toys, you are not alone. A serious collection of toys requires care and care. Here are some tips:

Carefully store the toys. Remember not to keep the silicone toys side by side because the material could react and the toy will be deformed, damaged or corroded. A sex toy is an investment in your pleasure, so take care of it. Buy your first toy at

Book your time to organize your sex toys in your collection, so it will be easier for you to find them. It’s also a quick way to see what you would like or want in the future. For example, you might have boxes or drawers containing lubricants based on water, lubricant silicone, vibrating bunny, vibrating vagina , dildos , bullet vibrators , toys, glass, clamps nipples and articles fetish. Even if you do not have special storage boxes, you can improvise using shoes, beads, or the like.

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On a regular basis at least once every few months review the collection and throw damaged or damaged items. Be merciless. If you have not used a toy in recent months, do you think you will use it anymore? Keep in mind that sex shops has low prices and great deals, so be sure to always be something new and exciting to try out.

When you make your purchases at sex shop add lubricant or batteries, so you will always have a reserve and you will miss unpleasant surprises.

Socks lost in the wash mission? Do not throw it away, but you can use it to store glass dildos so it does not collide or chipper or you can keep your silicone toys safe in a sock which means you can put them in the box with the other toys without worrying about the material being damaged.