How it felt having an inflatable butt plug up there

April 7, 2021

My name is David, and I’m a 30-year-old passionate gamer and photographer who is also an avid fan of all things related to anal sex. I consider myself a slutty bisexual anal explorer! I love to satisfy my curiosity through long masturbation sessions, edging, prostate milking, BDSM, and lots of sex toys.

Today, I’ll share my confession on how it felt having an inflatable butt plug up there, along with how I learned to use and love my new giant toy. I’ll also reveal what happened when I came! So keep reading to find out about my first-time love affair with an inflatable butt plug!

Looks like an anal grenade…

Obviously, inflatable butt plugs look insanely intimidating even to the biggest anal play fans and sluts. I remember the exact moment when the package came in after I ordered it online from a sex shop.

When I opened the box, my roommate gasped in awe of my new black anal plug. By now, he’s well aware of my obsession with anal (we fuck sometimes), but when he saw this one, he thought I was out of my mind.

He asked: “David, man… did you just order an actual anal grenade?!”. And I burst out laughing because an inflatable butt plug honestly looks like it’s going to destroy your asshole and leave you sore for days. Plus, my first impression was that it looks similar to a standard plug, but everything changed once I inflated it.

Am I ready for this?

I have a couple of toys in my collection. That includes a medium and larger standard plug, a prostate massager, anal beads, one big anal dildo, and a few cock rings. I bought an inflatable plug because I wanted to experiment and stretch my booty out a bit more to get it ready for bigger dildos, more intense anal sex, and eventually fisting. However, I was shocked when I inflated the plug. I used the hand pump and saw how much it was able to expand. 

My roommate’s comment kept running through my mind. I ended up having some second thoughts. I asked myself: “David, are you sure you’re ready for this?”

Good thing I have lube

In the end, I left the plug alone for a few days. I tried to prepare my ass with my other toys first. It’s great that I have a whole arsenal of toys for my asshole since that means I always have lube with me.

A couple of days later, I felt like I was ready for my new toy. I “studied” tons of porn with girls and guys using plugs to actually see how it looks. The turning point was an amateur bi-threesome scene in which a guy and a girl inflated the plug inside their male slave and milked him dry. Oh my god! The scene got me so hard. I started to rub my cock and tease my asshole to get it ready. Finally, I forgot all about my fears, and I just went for it!

You can really feel it expand inside of you

As I said, I had lube on hand, and I would definitely avoid using a large inflatable plug without it. Also, it’s a good idea to get an enema and clean out your booty beforehand to avoid any mess.

What’s more, getting it up there is actually quite simple since you should inflate it after you push it in. I think my plug is around 4.5 inches in length when deflated, which is more than doable.

Additionally, its diameter when deflated is around an inch, but it expands to more than five inches. This is pretty massive, but I soon realized that the best thing about this toy isn’t its size. It’s the way it feels when you pump it up inside of you! I got it from, since they are my go-to shop when getting new toys.

So I slowly slid the plug in, and it felt like any other plug with a flared base. However, I gradually used the hand pump and started to feel the toy expanding. Wow! With every pump, I was able to fill my anal cavity with intense pressure. I moaned so loudly as the toy swelled up inside me and my cock throbbed harder than ever!

Good enough to finish me off

Inflatable anal plugs are most famous for creating a “full feeling” once inside of you. And that’s exactly what happened with my new plug. I’ve never experienced anything like that, and wearing this plug is completely different from inserting other toys or cocks. The plug felt intense and powerful when it was inside me. I just kept getting harder and harder. I even managed to inflate the plug to its maximum diameter! That’s when things really started to feel outstanding.

All of that lasted for around ten minutes until I couldn’t take it anymore. When I pumped the plug up to its full size, I was ready to explode. I ejaculated and covered myself in my cum, and my whole body was shaking! It took me a while to get back to reality. Then, I slowly deflated it and took it out.

Lots of people enjoy inflatable butt plugs, and I definitely became one of them as soon as I tried it. The plug feels incredible and wild, but it’s definitely not as scary as it looks. I’m also eager to test it with my roommate or another fuck buddy! I can totally recommend this toy to any fan of anal play, butt plugs, and anal training!