How Does Anal Douche Affect Your Sex Life?

January 4, 2019

Hygiene is the be-all and end-all. So it is good and important that the test product is not a sex toy in itself, but something with which you are preoccupied in the best case no matter whether one uses a “substitute” or with a real person has sex. The anal shower is by no means something that should only be used in one of the two applications.

The test report

The Pro Anal Intimate Shower is a big pumping ball with a handy smooth bottom surface. So it is possible to turn off the device during use upright, which is not possible with other pumping balls. The surface feels very soft and smooth; the pump ball fits well in the hand.

Although the use is simple, the enclosed operating instructions are once again only on general version. Especially with a hygiene article, it would be desirable if the instructions refer to the product and its application. The fact that you do not need instructions for changing the battery in this type of device should be self-evident.

When inserting something caution is necessary: ??you should the removable, essay before with some lubricantlubricate to make it work better. The tip itself is a bit edged here you should not act too coarse or impatient and as with everything, which one introduces itself in the ass, leave enough time. A rounded tip would certainly be more advantageous here and would improve the insertion once again.

The pump ball should be filled with a lukewarm liquid. For this purpose, either the attachment removed and held the ball under the tap or the ball by pressing and releasing in a bowl of water are filled by the suction effect. For insertion, it is advisable to bend the legs slightly. When the tip is inserted, you now put pressure on the pump ball, which pushes the water into the intestine and does its work there. The water should be kept there until you feel the need to “get out” again. Then the water is excreted in the toilet.

It is advisable to carry out the application directly in the bathroom, so that in the case of an “emergency” has short ways. Depending on the application, you can repeat the process one or two more times you should not do much more than that. It is of course advisable to empty the bowel before use. In addition, you should allow some time to pass until you introduce other items or genitals.

If you are still a little unclear about what is anal douche, what is it for,and then you will find on the Internet also further instructions and procedures for this.If one takes into account the small negative points, one is nevertheless well served by this device for the low price. got some results on anal douching survey.


This handy, transparent anal shower ensures that you can start clean and prepared for anal acrobatics. The clever design can not only be pressed, but also pushed together like a bellows thanks to the groove look.

Cleans you safer!

Due to the soft nature of the storage space, the pressure can be regulated precisely and individually. The slim, straight shaft has tiny holes at its end. Thus, the water always comes to where it should. For cleaning, simply separate the body from the shaft and rinse the shower with warm water. The exterior should always be cleaned with Toy cleaner.

Anal douche allow you to go through the anal intercourse without fear that in traffic an undesirable disaster happens. The application of the anal shower is equally easy for beginners and professionals. Online sex shops help you to find the right Analdouche for you, so you can drop completely in anal intercourse. Thanks to our large range of products, it is up to you whether you have thought of an anal shower only for cleaning or if you want to experience pleasure while preparing for anal intercourse. The latter anus shower models have different attachments so you can pamper your anus next to the cleaning. The anal douche is used as an enema and used to cleanse the intestine.

Use of Anal Douche

When using the anal douche, only its head is turned off. Then you fill the shower with water, before the head is plugged in again and turned off. Carefully guide the narrow tip into its back door and the cleaning process begins. The anal shower is a must have for lovers of anal sex toys and anal sex, as their practical application can be used to clean the anus before traffic. You do not have to worry about anything going wrong during sex games. So one can indulge completely relaxed, the experience of pleasure. Since the intestine is a sensitive organ, you should first break off the application in pain to avoid damage to this organ.

Buy Anal Shower – tips for use

  • Use the anal shower in the shower and only fill it with clean water.
  • Check the water temperature before use for reasons of risk of injury. This should be at lukewarm to lukewarm.
  • The anal shower is used well three quarters of an hour before anal intercourse. You should be careful with the shower, so as not to hurt yourself.
  • By using the anal shower the natural moisture balance of the anus is confused. In order to avoid injuries, the use of analgesics is mandatory.
  • If you experience any pain while using the anal shower, discontinue use immediately.

Buy Anal Shower – a wide selection

Sex shops carry a variety of different Anal douche models in shop, from very narrow for beginners to anal douche with stimulating essays, with them you are guaranteed to find the right model for you. At online sex shops you can order conveniently from home. The shipping of the ordered toys takes place in a discrete packaging directly to your home.

The toys of this category are indispensable accessories for exciting anal intercourse without nasty surprises! Anal sounds simply and thoroughly cleanse your anal area before lovemaking, preparing you for unforgettable moments with your partner!


Anal douche are practical for men and women, who place emphasis on hygiene and style in anal intercourse. With an anal shower, you can prepare yourself for lovemaking in the shower just before the lovemaking.

Each of the alarms of this category is provided with a slim attachment, which can be easily inserted. The attachments are connected to a container for the necessary water, or can be placed directly on your shower as a shower head. From grooves or holes in the essay occurs during the shower controlled, with a little pressure, water. In the shower, it not only cleanses the anal area thoroughly, it also stimulates with a pleasant tingling the most erogenous zones of your anus. So you can combine cleaning and play with these toys!