How can you find the best dildos?

November 14, 2018


Best dildos are of all shapes, colors, flavors, textures and vibrations. They come in large, extra-large, extra-extra-extra-large and medium for the subtle. For those who know them, they become an important source of joy. Here we leave you 10 facts that you did not know about these magnificent technological advances.

  • We all know that Texas is not the most tolerant place or the one that likes diversity the most. Nor is he the one with the most gender equality. In a demented act of control, the Texans decided that by law, women cannot have more than six dildos.
  • Surely you imagine that the dragons are these majestic and dangerous beings that take care of the treasures or are at the end of your favorite video games or at some point of your RPGs. Well, there is a market of people who think that dragons can be sexy, very sexy. They do not believe me? Check out this dragon dildo store, the truth is that it is very successful.
  • The Victorian era is known because it seemed very sexually repressed, but in reality it was tremendously perverse. In those years, women had a very strict code of behavior, and all those who dared to think, express what they thought or simply let their emotions see, considered themselves “sick”. The name of that disease is still used as a way to discredit women; the name was “hysteria”. Well, many doctors thought that to cure hysteria, they had to cause an orgasm. The paranoia about women was so great that the doctors diagnosed them as “hysterical” right and left; so they had to invent a machine that would cause automatic vibrations.
  • Canadians tend to have a humor incomprehensible to the rest of the world. That’s why we do not know if when they named an island at the bottom of Trinidad. The fact is that this site has been declared of historical importance to Canada. There are very interesting things for anthropologists and historians, but no, it is not full of dildos.
  • Orangutans are noble beasts that in many ways are very similar to humans. Something that unites us as inhabitants of this uncertain universe is that both species use dildos. That’s right; the orangutans are only a few steps away from the trees, put on a tie and get a job. The proof is that orangutan females use phallic objects to introduce them into their genitals, while males prefer tree barks, the orangutans are almost like us.
  • Anyone would say that the oldest dildo in the world was made in the sixties, but it is not like that. The oldest dildo known is 30,000 years old. In fact, it was found in the HohleFels cave in Germany. Anthropologists do not agree about its function, some claim that it is only a kind of mallet, but its phallic form does not deceive. Most likely, it was a kind of ritual dildo that warmed the cold nights of the Ice Age.
  • In addition to cultural, political, philosophical and scientific lights, the truth is that the Greeks were also half perverted. His cult to the body always brought them closer to orgiastic rituals and to give everything to anything that moved. One of the most peculiar hobbies of this noble town was to introduce pieces of bread in their intimate areas. That’s right; we’re talking about bread dildos.
  • There are two places in the world that sustain a struggle to disappear the dildos from the face of the earth and no, the PAN bench is not among them. Who would say that places like Alabama, USA, and India would agree on something? Fortunately for the free world, if the inhabitants of Alabama hate anything more than the dildos, it is to other languages ??than English and other accents that are not from the south of the US, so it is difficult for them to form a common front.
  • The Steely Dan band has earned a place in rock history for its unique style and popularity. If they are on this list, it is because they will have something to do with the dildos. In effect, the name of the band was taken from the name of a strap-on dildo that appears in the novel The naked lunch of the writer of the Beat generation, William Burroughs.
  • The merchandise of a band is usually an important source of income. But not only mugs, t-shirts and key rings are sold with the names of the best rock musicians in the world. Rammstein has decided to break all the barriers of imagination to make available to his fans dildos that copy the shape and size of the members of the band. That’s right, probably this is the closest you’ll get to one of them.

The realistic dildo Shirley’s baby

This is a suction cup dildo that you can use either on a stand, or by taking it in your hand for a back and forth motion or for anal use. It is medical silicone, measuring 20 cm in length and 4.5 cm in diameter. You will appreciate the realism of its veins and the sensation it gives to the touch very close to that felt with a penis. It is waterproof and easy to clean.

How to choose a dildo

This is the first time you buy a dildo and you do not know which one to choose and how to choose it. Here is the list of criteria to consider before buying a dildo:

The material and the flexibility

The material and the flexibility are important criteria and can make all the difference in the pleasure felt. For a realistic dildo, silicone is the material par excellence because firm but flexible. It is also a popular material for anal sex. It cleans more easily and warms quickly to body temperature. You will also find dildos in glass or metal but more smooth than a realistic dildo. You can find glass plugs for sale usually at an online shop, so get yours now. The sensations are not the same. Here too, it is your preferences and what you are looking for as sensations that will make the difference.


There are dildos of different lengths and diameters. This is an important criterion when buying a dildo but it is mostly a personal criterion and therefore depends on your preferences. You will find with a length between 10 and 26 cm and with a diameter of 3 to 6 cm. But some XXL dildos can go up to 10 cm in diameter!

Depending on how you use it

There are dildos for each pleasure sought and for each preference of use. You must therefore start by defining the type of dildos you want. For a simulation of the clitoris in addition to vaginal penetration, you can opt for a vibrating dildo. For vaginal and anal stimulation, the choice of a double dildo is required!