Choosing the Right Tools When Doing Anal Sex

March 5, 2019

Anal sex can be very nice, as long as you take it right. Which positions you choose is an important condition for nice anal sex. You understand, of course, that you cannot easily perform the same wild positions with anally as with ‘normal sex’. Bustle also presented best anal sex toys. That’s why expert set up for you in a row: the best positions for anal sex. Happy humping!


It is not for nothing a classic. The missionary is a very nice position for anal sex and ensures as little pain or discomfort as possible. Especially for first timers so the best anal sex position to start with. You can relax completely and you do not have to move much. You should also know can you use anal beads in vagina?


Also spooning – or spoon-spoon – is a sex position that makes painless anal sex possible. In addition, spooning is quite romantic. The man still has his hands free to give your clitoris and breasts attention. That makes it even better.

Doggy style

Cannot you all be hard enough? Then doggy style is of course your go-to anal sex position. If you want, you can even drop off the wall to feel even deeper. He can use his hands to finger you or massage your breasts. Be careful. This position is especially for advanced in the field of anal.

Back entrance

What do you get when you mix doggy style with missionary? A fantastic combination that is kinky, deep and at the same time intimate and intense.


Because you lie flat with your butt up, it can be extra deep and it is all much more sensitive down there. It’s a bit quiet … So you can relax better, because you lean on the bed with your upper body.

The seesaw

Anal sex is not necessarily what you call romantic. Give it a touch of intimacy by trying the anal sex stand ‘the seesaw’. The advantage is that both you and he can give the pace in this position. Raise your buttocks a bit and let it bump or take the reins yourself and move up and down or back to front with your buttocks. Do you have any questions or even good tips about anal? I’m curious! Let me know in a comment below.

After the success of the balls from Fifty Shades of Gray, people are open to trying new things. Already heard of anal beads? This is a sex toy with multiple balls that you insert into the anus. By moving the anal beads through the orbicular muscle, you create more intense pleasure and possibly a more intense orgasm.

Anal beads with nodules

These anal beads with nodules give you exactly the right stimulation! The beads are made of silicone and the nodules are provided with small dots, making the free party extra sensational. Because of the flexibility and pull ring you have the right control, even if you take your first steps in anal sex.

Anal and vaginal toys, beyond the range of possibilities with the dildos , strap-on and vibrator`s there are also other sex toys that can be used in anal and vaginal games. Also for the man there are several possibilities to use an anal sex toy. In short, anal and vaginal toys are almost a must to have! Most people use a lubricant when using these anal and vaginal toys to have more fun.

Chinese balls

This consists of a cord or flexible rod with balls or balls strung on it. This can be applied in the anus or vagina. Because of your physical exercise, the balls and ticks subtly move against your vaginal wall, which gives small sexual impulses, which in turn provide an excitement.

Some people disagree about the Chinese balls. Some say that the Chinese balls as foreplay bring you faster to a more intense orgasm. Others use them to train the pelvic floor muscle in order to get a stronger orgasm in the future. In anal use it is mainly for the pleasure and pleasure to bring them in and out. They often have a different name, but these Chinese balls give you extra pleasure, anal or vaginal. These are perfect anal and vaginal toys. Take a look at the chapter elektrosex and sybian which vaginal sex toys are all there.

Geishaballen / Ben Wa

Anal and vaginal toys, the geisha balls also called Ben Wa balls are certainly included. The Ben Wa balls are centuries old and are used for sexual pleasure as well as exercises for the pelvic floor muscles. There is a lot to tell about the Ben Wa or Geishaballen, just look at the chapter that is only about the Ben Waballs .

Anal beads no-ice

Anal and vaginal toys, outside the butt plug, there are more toys that are especially for anal use. The so-called anal balls, these are balls that are connected to each other by means of a cord or cord. But they can also be used vaginally and that makes these sex toys so special.

But you also have anal rod, where the balls are on a rod. When the anal balls are inserted they stimulate the anus and the sphincter, which can be very exciting. But pulling it back, ball for ball might give you more excitement and the ultimate kick.

Look for more anal toys on Vibrators for anal stimulation. A kinky bitch is the anal rod, the anal sextoy pictured here is made of medical grade silicone. You put in the beads piece by piece, and when you feel your height approaching, you take them out again in one movement. You can of course also play with your partner, double pleasure. Anal and vaginal toys in combination with other sexy toys are highly recommended. Before you play with anal sex toys you can also use an anal shower before you get started.

Inflatable anal plug

Then we also have the silicone inflatable anal plug! A very suitable toy for people who do not have that much experience yet. This inflatable plug is 1.5 cm wide and therefore very suitable for anal insertion. If the anal plug is in your anus you blow up so big until the moment where you get the most pleasure. Do not act too enthusiastic immediately because it can go fast. If there is too much pressure you can simply let the air run away by means of a button on the side of the ball. This beginners inflatable anal plug comes with a preparation pack, which includes two finger sleeves, anesthetic anal cream, anal lubricant and a bottle of toy cleaner. All this will certainly help you with your anal stimulation. The women can also use this amazing inflatable plug vaginally. Have fun! This great toy also belongs to the Anal and vaginal toys that you can buy in an online sex shop.

Butt plug

Of course we do not want to completely remember the anal butt plug. They are available in beautiful shapes and materials.  This smooth silver butt plug with a purple gemstone on the bottom processed is made of high quality material. The butt plug is easy to insert and with the sparkling gemstone, this beautiful erotic luxury toy is a refined gadget for the chic woman or man. Great for a birthday present or just to pamper yourself. Use enough lubricant when using this great butt plug. Look for more information about the butt plug on the chapter anal dildo and butt plug, click here.