7 Things to Consider When Using Sex Toys

December 28, 2018

Pegging is no longer a novelty, but it is new that we speak so openly now. Maybe because more and more people are saying that you’re into anal sex – even men – and because it’s getting more and more legitimate. Probably the reason for this is that both men and women are more informed about it and you are aware that an extremely sensitive point is located a little bit inside the anus. This point will give you the most incredible orgasms. But what exactly is pegging, how do you get your partner persuaded and how do you do it in practice?

You can find answers to all this and much more by reading this guide. He is exclusively about the fact that men and women swap the sexual roles, so that the woman is wearing the pants formally and the man has to take exception to times. You should also know the answer to the query Can you use anal beads in vagina?

What does pegging mean?

Firstly, let’s say that pegging, which is called BOB (bend over boyfriend), means that you are wearing a dildo that is attached to your body in a way that neatly treats your male partner Satisfy anal while leaving your hands free for other things.

Prejudices and myths

Although pegging is more and more prevalent, it does not mean that all prejudices and myths within this topic are blurred in the sand. Let’s take a look at the most common prejudices and myths.

Myths: Anal sex is only for gay people

Any woman who has already tried Anal to be satisfied is really just a disguised gay. Why the hell should it only be reserved for us women to enjoy this fantastic experience to be penetrated Anal, where the man is equipped with the same opening?

The anus is not made for sex

Why has God endowed both men and women with incredibly many and sensitive nerve endings in this region – to be precise, it is one of the most concentrated nerve endings in the whole body and also the G point / P point placed exactly there? Many of our body parts are suitable for several things. Take, for example, the penis. He is also created to have sex, but also to urinate. The mouth speaks vomits, kisses, eats and many other things. Women are fortunate that they have the scabbard that also grants entry to our Sensitive G-spot – men do not have that, in men it can only be reached via the rump. So that was it with Myth 2.

Prejudices: Anal sex hurts and my anus can tear

The anus can do absolutely no harm – as long as you proceed gently and use lubricating cream. The whole – the sphincter – is very elastic; it can expand and pull together again. It is better to train your butt first. It varies from the materials, you can put metal, silicone or a glass butt plug into your hole. And if you have already visited Him in your hole, this is the worst excuse there is. So it’s an absolute prejudice that’s useless.

You can become gay from anal sex

A fear common to both sexes but honestly, no. Either he is really gay or he just is not. He will definitely not for the reason that you will satisfy him Anal. So we can also explain this prejudice as nonsense.

How can I teach my partner? – Let’s talk about sex

Then that would be clarified. Now, it could well be that your partner has the desire to make him happy, but if this is not the case and you feel like it, then the facts must be on the table. And one thing should be said – it can be really hard to talk about sexual lusts and fantasies of sex – even if you already know a felt eternity or for that very reason. Because when we talk about something as intimate as sex or dreams, we expose a great part of ourselves.

Be prepared

When you tell your partner that you have the desire to make him happy – or, another sexual fantasy that you wish to share with him – you will first find out how to do that Pegging is the most comfortable for both of them and you know for example good tips about safety and different techniques to avoid painful anal sex. So that’s exactly what you’re doing – you’re there. Here are some tips:

  • Use a lot of lube – possibly with a relaxing effect
  • Start with a small plug or an anal chain so he can get used to the feeling
  • Make him nice and hot before you start
  • If necessary, discuss with him the subject of Intimate Hygiene when he is afraid of becoming disgusting – more on this later.

Also find out what kind of sex toys are in this area so that you are well prepared before you want to familiarize your partner with this topic. There are several different types of strap on dildos. You can read more about that later. The more you know about it yourself, the easier it will be for you to talk to your partner about it, and it will also be easier to get rid of all the prejudices and myths within that topic right off the table.

Timing is Good

Just like any other topic you would like to discuss with your partner, timing is the time and place. To come up with this idea just before your parents-in-law come to visit or in the car on the way to work is probably a very bad idea. It is also not a very good idea to start with the topic when you are already in bed or while having sex. Find a time when you are both relaxed, a time when you both have no plans and are in a good mood. Women in Cosmo gave their insights in pegging.

Think about why it turns it on at all. Tell Him why you would like to try it with Him. Is it because you have heard that he can get such incredible wild orgasms? Is it because you want to be the dominant part? Or is it because you think your sex life would be upgraded? Find out what exactly is the reason that you want to try pegging with him.

No compulsion

If your partner comes up with some of the prejudices we’ve already talked about, or should he have other prejudices, then do not laugh at him and do not bring him down. That would just have a negative effect. You also should not try to get something by force, it will never work. If your partner does not want, then he does not want. You can just close the topic – for this time – and then address it again. Believe me, he will think about it and then it is possible that he changes his mind about it. But do not expect that he himself addresses this topic again. It’s your job.