5 Best Anal Gift Toys for the Holidays

January 1, 2019

Intimate toys are an amazing idea for a gift for a holiday. Thanks to the popularization of the topic of sex and the abolition of tabooing, many enlightened people are not against getting any device. However, remember that no matter how similar a new vibrator is to a true work of art, or how confident you may be about the lack of information in this area, you shouldn’t break packaging with gifts like this.

Just think about it. Orgasm is a real phenomenon of the human body. There is a huge difference between it and the daily processes in the body that are necessary for existence. While the heart pumps blood, the brain makes plans to take over the world, and the lungs process oxygen, the only mission of an orgasm is to deliver breathtaking ecstasy!

And you are able to give another person a device that will simplify his achievement. There are not so many anal plugs in the arsenal, which means that this type of sex toy automatically becomes one of the first contenders to be a joyful surprise for a person who loves or wants to try anal caress.

Or such a gift can push a girlfriend, boyfriend or couple to try anal sex. Is the good to disappear? And before that, you still have to manage. Besides, they look less catchy than dildos or rabbits. And they are very beautiful, which only costs anal jewelry made of shiny metals with stones, rhinestones and fur tails. This is in case you are still afraid of an incident with your relatives.

Another big plus of anal plugs and the reason to use them as a gift is that you can have fun with them alone or with a loved one. Including they are suitable for double penetration, giving so much pleasure!

You will need guides for you in this huge variety of anal plugs. In this article you will find a special selection of beautiful and functional toys, which have a beautiful design and an affordable price to everything!

Beautiful butt plugs

Crystal Stein’s Short Stem looks like a real expensive accessory!

In a sense, this cork can even be called a jewel. Each cork from this collection is made by hand from an extremely durable glass that is safe for the body, and on the stoppers they are decorated with Swarovski crystals.

A truly intimate decoration! In addition to the beautiful appearance, you should pay attention to the material from which the plug is made. The glass heats up easily or cools under the influence of even ordinary water, which means you can play with the temperature to get new sensations! And from glass you can find corks of various and interesting forms. Unique bends and bumps Mini-Twist Clear get to such sensitive points that you did not even know!

Can you wear a butt plug swimming? Yes, in case you opt for such a real expensive one. The brightest colors, patterns and reliefs have always been considered for sex toys made of glass, and Glas Europa is proof of that. In my opinion, this is a great gift! Experts understand that for beginners in this case the butt plug of glass is scary. Such an intimate place and such a fragile material and although there is nothing to be afraid of (for sex toys, special durable tempered glass is used) , especially for beginners, we advise other butt plugs, with the temperature of which you can also play. Yes and their appearance is not inferior. A collection of metal caps with rhinestones will be the best surprise for any occasion! If you’re interested, you can find one with a decent price at

Butt plugs with vibration

But let’s move on to corks with more advanced functionality, because they can also vibrate. Considering the recent “boom” of the “50 shades of gray” franchise, for which we should thank Eric Leonard James, we can assume with a high probability that the person knows about her, or even is among the fans of films or books! In this case, marketers, in time letting on time, created an excellent collection of sex toys, distinguished by elegance and high quality.

The cork Feel So Alive with the remote control will bring the aesthetic orgasm to the aesthetic only! A soft-touch toy made of medical silicone that does not cause irritation or allergies will help you enjoy anal sex and unreal sensations. Eight modes and twelve speeds of vibration will give a large number of variations of stimulation and allow you to find the one that will bring you to a powerful orgasm!

And how wonderful is the opportunity to give the remote from enjoyment to your loved one. The cork pleases not only with its functionality, but also with amazing packaging. A bag of silk, minimalist, but rich looking box design, perhaps you cannot even pack it in gift paper.

Do you want something unusual?

If you are absolutely sure that the hero of the occasion loves anal sex and has several anal stimulants in his collection, surprise him! Bvibe Trio Plug is the perfect toy for maximum enjoyment. As many as three powerful motors will stimulate several erogenous zones at once, which will bring to this ecstasy.

Another advantage of the device is recharge! Now there is no need to bathe with batteries. Soft seamless material, water resistance, several modes and speeds of vibration – in general, everything is as it should. I think it’s even more than just a gift! But Ditto from We-Vibe to beat anyone so far failed.

In it, as in any expensive toy, there is everything – the possibility of recharging, water resistance, a Bluetooth module, a motor with ten modes and with the same number of vibration speeds. This is a dream, not a toy. There is also a special bend that will stimulate sensitive erogenous points. The toy has a remote control panel, but you can control it from your smart phone. From anywhere in the world! Elite Daily featured what sex toy are perfect as gift.

If everything that was stated above may be suitable for both sexes, then there will be recommendations only for men. This is due to the fact that they, unlike women, have a prostate in the anus, the stimulation of which is not only stunningly pleasant, but also good for health!

Fun Factory Bootie is a great example of an anal plug that can reach the prostate. It has special shape with a bend at the end. Of course, girls can use such toys, there is no direct prohibition, but rather not in the ass, but to stimulate point G. And do not forget to clean the toy if you have anal and vaginal sex in a row.

If you choose a gift for a person who is just discovering the world of anal pleasures, then I strongly advise you to give both anal lubricant and toy cleaner, which you cannot do without. A water-based lubricant will help get rid of discomfort and ease penetration.

Of course, there are relaxing lubricants, and even warming ones, but this choice, perhaps, should be entrusted to the one to whom the cork is intended. With experience, he himself will understand what he needs.