10 Facts You Should Know About Your Butt

March 27, 2019

We know all butts are beautiful. They come in all shapes, shades and sizes, and we have to admit, they’re pretty cool. Butts allow us to binge watch television in a comfortable position, ride bikes and walk upright and all that cool stuff. So here are 10 facts you should know about your booty. All of the ifs. All of the ands. All of the BUTTS.

The Bigger, The Smarter

The University of California at Santa Barbara and the University of Pittsburgh gave more than 16,000 women a cognitive test and the women with bigger hips and butts beat out their non-curvy counterparts.

The Biggest, The Bestest

The biggest muscle in your body is your gluteus maximus. It keeps your torso erect, helps you run faster and jump higher.

Seeing Spots

Getting breakouts, or butt acne is super common. Dermatologists find it to be common among just about anyone, and it can be treated with lasers or just a topical medication.

Butts are the New Boobs

In 2013 alone, about 10,000 butt augmentations were performed in the U.S. – and we can only imagine thousands more in other countries. According to Men’s Health and Women’s Health Big Book of Sex, women most like being complimented on their butts – that’s more than they’d like to be complimented on their eyes and breasts.

Men are the 10%

On average, 10% of people getting butt implants are men. Because having a shapely booty leads to a more athletic look (bigger, stronger legs and butt) men are actually getting junk in their trunk via plastic surgery too.

Cause of Death: Butt Drinks

Ugh, we know it’s gross, but it’s possible to drink alcohol with your bottom, instead of your mouth. And, since the alcohol isn’t filtered through your liver and kidneys first, you can’t tell if you have had too much to drink. It’s weird. It’s dangerous. And you can die from it.

Pygophilia is a “Thing”

Pygophilia is an actual scientific term for people who are particularly attracted to the booty.


That’s the number of people who follow Jen Selter and watch her impressive workouts and never ending stream of belfies.

Baby Wipes Not Advised

They aren’t just bad for the plumbing. Using baby wipes can cause dermatitis and you can even have an allergic reaction to them. Instead, use soap and water and regular toilet paper if you need a little extra in the cleaning department.

Butt Selfies are Highly Recommended

You can get skin cancer, the deadliest form of skin cancer mind you, on your tush, even if you’ve never let it out in broad daylight. If you do a melanoma check here and there for changes in your skin or moles, it’s easy to miss what you can’t see right away. There’s no shame in your health game, so be sure to check your backside out in the mirror here and there.